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Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Our terms and conditions (general terms and conditions)

1. Validity of the terms and conditions and conclusion of a contract

1.1 These general terms and conditions (GTC) apply to sales contracts with private customers and companies that are concluded via the provider's website.

1.2 The order is confirmed by the provider. The contract is concluded as soon as the buyer receives the confirmation. If the confirmation is not received within a reasonable period of time, the buyer regards this as a rejection of the order and is entitled to conclude the contract with another supplier.

2. Prices and special offers

2.1 The prices are given in CHF. VAT and advance recycling fee as well as processing are included. Shipping costs are charged separately.

2.2 The provider reserves the right to change the prices at any time. The prices published on the website on the order date apply to customers.

2.3 The conditions for promotions and discounts can be found under the relevant information.

3. Terms of delivery

3.1 Delivery usually takes place within 2-4 days with DPD Switzerland. In exceptional cases, if something has to be ordered, a little longer. If a delivery time longer than 14 days is necessary, the customer will be informed after this time has elapsed at the latest. If no information is given, the customer is entitled to waive delivery. If certain items are not or only partially available, the seller reserves the right to send an equivalent replacement.

3.2 When shipping, the customer receives an email with the tracking number from DPD. Normally the parcel is with the customer 1 day, a maximum of 2 days later. If this is not the case, the customer is obliged to use the tracking number to check the DPD website to see where his parcel is. The package can also be redirected with it. If the customer fails to do this or is not at home, the package will be sent back to us. The customer bears the costs for this.

3.3 Withdrawal from the contract can only be made in special cases and only after Multishops AG has been contacted in writing or by telephone. If products have been specially ordered for the customer, withdrawal is excluded. If Multishops AG agrees to withdraw, 5.- will be charged for the effort.

4. Liability guarantee and return

4.1 The provider guarantees for a period of 24 months that the non-food goods have the warranted properties, that they do not have any defects that impair their value or suitability for the intended use, and that they comply with the prescribed services and specifications. Food products are guaranteed until their expiration date.

4.2 The buyer must check the delivered goods as quickly as possible and report any defects immediately. Contact the responsible customer service immediately. Secret defects can still be complained about even after the goods have been put into operation or used. Making payments does not constitute a waiver of notification of defects.

4.3 If there is a defect, the buyer has the choice of requesting subsequent improvement free of charge, making a deduction from the price corresponding to the lower value, withdrawing from the contract or obtaining a replacement delivery. The right of the buyer to claim damages is reserved in all cases.

4.4 Returns are only possible after prior agreement. A repayment is excluded. An electronic credit will be created, which can be redeemed in the web shop. In the case of goods specially ordered for the customer, it may be that a return can be excluded.

5. Payment

5.1 Payment can be made in the following ways at the customer's request:

§ Online by credit card after completing the purchase.

§ Online via Paypal, after completing the shopping.

§ Offline via online banking or with a payment slip at the post office.

5.2 In the event of late payment, the provider will send a maximum of two reminders. A fee of CHF 10 will be charged for the second reminder. If the customer then does not pay, legal enforcement measures are initiated. In addition, default interest of 2 percent will be charged in the event of late payment. Claims for damages remain reserved.

6. Liability for online connections

6.1 The provider undertakes to ensure security in accordance with the latest technical standards in systems, programs, etc. that belong to him and over which he has influence, and to comply with data protection rules.

6.2 Customers must ensure the security of the systems, programs and data that are within their sphere of influence. In their own interest, customers should keep passwords and user names secret from third parties.

6.3 The provider is not liable for defects and malfunctions for which he is not responsible, especially not for security deficiencies and operational failures of third-party companies with which he works or on which he is dependent.

6.4 Furthermore, the provider is not liable for force majeure, improper action and disregard of the risks on the part of the customer or third parties, excessive use, unsuitable operating resources of the customer or third parties, extreme environmental influences, interventions by the customer or disruptions by third parties (viruses, worms, etc.), which happen despite the necessary current safety precautions.

7. Application of law and place of jurisdiction

7.1 Swiss law applies to these terms and conditions, namely the provisions of the OR.

7.2 The court in Zurich is responsible for complaints by a customer. The court at the place of residence of the defendant is responsible for actions brought by the provider.

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