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Beanarella compatible capsules

The beanarella coffee capsules contain no aluminum, no heavy metals and also no plasticizers.

Our beanarella coffee capsules are made from a bioplastic. The components of the bioplastic come mainly from renewable raw materials. The raw materials of our coffee capsules consist largely of polylactic acid, cellulose (plant fibers) and calcium carbonate (lime). Polylactic acid is obtained from renewable raw materials based on sugar, e.g. from sugar beet and the maize plant.

The beanarella for the coffee capsule system are not pierced.

With other coffee capsules, the aluminum and plastic are pierced with needles and broken open.

The beanarella coffee capsules do not contain any aluminum and are neither pierced nor broken. The coffee in the capsules is tightly compressed like a professional portafilter and only a high pressure of 20 bar is used.

The beanarella coffee capsules for the unique capsule system from Beanarella consist of a bioplastic, a filter paper and the holes on the bottom are already pre-perforated. This means that there is no need to pierce and break through the capsules.

Coffee capsule systems are more popular than ever. Unfortunately, most coffee systems create a huge amount of garbage. Coffee capsules are usually made from finite raw materials such as aluminum or plastic such as polypropylene and are neither biodegradable nor compostable.

With the development of the beanarella coffee capsules, we have achieved a world first. It is the first coffee capsule in the world to bear the seedling seal. This certification stands for verifiable compostability according to EN13432. In a composting facility, our capsules break down in just 4-12 weeks. Our capsule system is unique!

Beanarella's fine coffee is roasted in the oldest roastery in Switzerland, Turm Handels AG in St. Gallen. With over 250 years of experience, the highest level of coffee enjoyment can be guaranteed. Both the cup temperature and the grinding of our coffee types are perfectly matched to our beanarella capsule system.

Our goal is to produce the best coffee in the world in a capsule.

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