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Now there are finally Dolce Gusto compatible TEE capsules. No annoying second machine in the kitchen, which is rarely used anyway. Your favorite Dolce Gusto machine can now do it all. Tea or coffee ... anything.

But it is important that the machine is briefly rinsed. Otherwise, the TEE may not really be that good.

Dolce Gusto machines were originally only intended for coffee capsules. In the meantime, however, various tea capsules from various suppliers are also on offer. In addition to completely natural tea, we also have flavored and even sweetened instant teas. The tea capsules for the Dolce Gusto system usually fit easily into all machines. In general, it is advisable to rinse the machine before preparing a Dolce Gusto compatible tea capsule, especially if a coffee capsule was inserted beforehand. For rinsing, simply remove the previously used capsule and allow it to be rinsed once without the capsule inserted.

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