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K-fee System compatible capsules,

Expressi System compatible capsules,

Cafissimo , system compatible capsules

Caffitaly System compatible capsules

Tealounge System compatible capsules

Verismo System compatible capsules

These 6 systems work with the same capsule systems, so they can be used without hesitation.

K-fee® is a real treat

This goes to everyone who loves coffee: You will find your new favorites at K-fee®. With great care and passion, we create the best conditions to guarantee the highest quality.

What makes good coffee

The power of nature

The coffee plant (Coffea) itself is very sensitive. She is even said to be a mimosa or even a diva. Coffea expects the perfect temperatures - she feels most comfortable between 20 to 25C ° - she enjoys the pampering sun, but only a few hours a day, please. It feels particularly well cared for on slopes, and the right dose of wind, acidity in the soil and precipitation are important so that it can grow productively and thrive.

Do you know the coffee belt?

Precisely because the coffea coffee plant is very picky, areas around the equator are particularly popular growing areas. This popular region is also called the coffee belt. This includes Central and South America, Central Africa, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. On this coffee belt, the plants will find everything they need to grow healthily and develop valuable aromatic substances.

K-fee® maintains good relationships with experienced farmers and sources the best coffee from all of these regions. However, because the climatic conditions are seldom constant, we check year after year which areas have the best. In this way we can always guarantee our customers excellent cultivation quality.

Arabica and Robusta

When all types of coffee are demanding - Arabica tops them all. Its needs are far more extensive, it grows in the highlands at altitudes between 600 and 2,000 meters. The best varieties thrive between 1,300 and 1,800 meters. Due to this altitude and the cooler annual average temperature, their fruits, the so-called cherries, grow more slowly. And it is precisely this slowness that brings a lot of good things with it: Arabica develops wonderfully elegant aromas and fine acids that are so valued by coffee lovers.

Robusta, on the other hand, as its name suggests, is less sensitive. It already develops from a height of 300 meters, its bean is smaller and rounder compared to Arabica, in addition, its caffeine content is higher. Arabica is the undisputed number one for most coffee drinkers in terms of taste. But with all this enthusiasm, Robusta should not be underestimated - as an admixture, this type of coffee ensures intensity, distinction and a fine crema.

After beautiful, deep red cherries have been harvested by hand, new challenges await in the process chain up to the finished product, which K-fee® accepts with the utmost care.

The roast

Once the beans have been removed from the fruit, they are then further processed as dry, green beans during roasting using what is known as the drum roasting process. What happens here is what we all appreciate so much about coffee: Over 1,000 fine aromatic substances can develop and combine to create a great pleasure experience.


The K-fee® experts have to love their job very much; after all, they taste hundreds of cups of coffee every day until the result is perfect. One of the challenges is to create a product with a naturally varying taste based on mixture, temperature and roasting duration, which is recognizable and of impeccable quality.

What a blend!

When different types of coffee - mostly Arabica with Robusta - are mixed together, a "blend" is created. Beans from other growing areas and different degrees of roasting can also be used. For K-fee®, blending is a true handicraft that requires a great deal of specialist knowledge and sensitivity for flavor compositions full of character.

All the mixtures that we offer you impress with their unmistakable uniqueness. Look forward to intense, spicy, nutty, fruity, fine, mild or creamy delicacies.

State-of-the-art capsule technology

Well enclosed and ready to pamper you at the push of a button: every K-fee® capsule contains complete enjoyment. And that is a diversity that succeeds in meeting every taste. Super easy to use and, thanks to the latest technology, sealed with a fresh aroma, you can enjoy this first-class quality day after day.

The K-Fee system is sold by Aldi in Germany, among others. But there are several other manufacturers who use the same system. Simply under a different name:


Expressi (Aldi Süd)

Verismo (Starbucks)

Tealounge System (teapot)


One Cup (Arvid Nordquist)

Capsulo (Paulig)



Tchibo Cafissimo

Caffitaly System, Chiccodoro System

Campanini coffee machines also use K-Fee capsules

If you have one of these obiken capsule systems, you can also use our K-Fee capsules, because they are the same (seen from the capsule).