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Martello System compatible capsules

Martello coffee capsule. THE PERFECT SYSTEM

The freshly ground café is packed in the capsules and hermetically sealed in seconds. Whether espresso or lungo. All are freshly packed in the capsule immediately. This means that the more than 900 different aromas are optimally protected and always guarantee fresh café enjoyment.

All Martello coffee capsule coffee machines are equipped with a patented extraction system. In order to give the coffee capsule its full aroma, all the individual parts of the coffee capsule machine have been optimally calculated and developed, e.g. 20 bar pump pressure, boiler, temperature sensor, etc. The simple Martello coffee machine operation is another advantage for more frequent use Treat yourself to a gourmet coffee (café) break.


With the Martello coffee capsule machines from Aldi Suisse you get an optimal system for the preparation of a perfect espresso. You will be delighted by the ease of use and the constant café aroma.


Together with our suppliers, we have joined the voluntary, international Foreign Trade Association (FTA) / Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and are committed to:

• Prohibition of child labor

• Prohibition of forced labor and disciplinary measures

• Prohibition of discrimination of any kind

• Decent working hours and overtime regulations

• Providing health and safety in the workplace

• Wages that meet the statutory minimum wage or applicable industry standards

• Freedom of assembly and the right to collective bargaining

• Consideration of environmental and safety issues

Martello coffee capsule machines are currently available 2. The Chic and Cascolino models


- Available in black and white

- 20 bar pump pressure - 0.75 l fresh water tank

- Removable drip tray

- With foldable drip grid for large and small coffee cups

- with automatic machine shutdown function

- with programmable cup automatic for espresso and café lungo


- Available in black and white

- 20 bar pump pressure for the perfect crema

- Intermediate piece for larger and smaller cups

- Automatic capsule ejection

- Removable 0.9 l water tank

- With automatic cup function for small and large cups

- With automatic coffee machine shutdown function

Martello offers the following types of coffee capsules:


Black as night and strong as Sicily's reputation: A special roasting process creates an intense café with a strong body and a fine crema. The aftertaste convinces with light clove and cocoa nuances.INTENSITY: 12 | ROASTING DEGREE: 10 | ACID: 3


A ristretto is a typically Italian, short espresso. It is characterized by a slightly sour note and a strong, intense body. The ristretto character is rounded off by a chocolatey, long-lasting aftertaste.INTENSITY: 10 | ROASTING DEGREE: 10 | ACID: 4


virgin forest buginda100% Arabica from Africa. Ethiopia, the birthplace of the best types of café, offers high quality and a wide variety of flavors. The secret of this hand-picked jungle café from the Michiti forest is a long-lasting and unforgettable aromatic nut mocha note. INTENSITY: 4 | ROASTING DEGREE: 8 | ACID: 2


An all-round convincing mixture that seduces the senses. Through a special roasting process, all the characteristics of the café are saved and a fruity bouquet with caramel and malt notes is created. INTENSITY: 6 | ROASTING DEGREE: 6 | ACID: 8


A fine, aromatic café blend with pleasantly sour notes. A special roasting process creates a very present body, which is reminiscent of cereals and sweet fruits in the finish. INTENSITY: 5 | ROASTING DEGREE: 3 | ACID: 7


Lots of aroma for the big cup. A balanced mixture that gets a unique body through a medium and separate roast and convinces with notes of sandalwood in the aftertaste.INTENSITY: 3 | ROASTING DEGREE: 5 | ACID: 5


A special water process gently removes the caffeine from the exquisite coffee beans. A delicate mixture that can compete with a real espresso even without caffeine. Impresses with fine caramel notes in the finish.INTENSITY: 2 | ROASTING DEGREE: 4 | ACID: 4

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