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MONT AGOU - CAFÉ DU TOGO for the NESPRESSO® system is a very special kind of single origin coffee. In clearings and small cultivated areas in the evergreen forests around the city of Kpalimé and Mont Agou, the highest mountain in Togo, West Africa, has been brewing since 1903 Coffee grown in the traditional way. The soils there are rich in humus made from bark, wood and fruit pods. And this terroir on the mountain slopes and in the damp valleys gives the Robusta beans from MONT AGOU - CAFÉ DU TOGO its unique taste.

The strong, full-bodied base is accentuated by chocolaty-fruity notes and gives the coffee its very special, strong character that is free from acids and bitter substances.

This coffee, which is exceptional in every respect, is only available in limited quantities due to the small cultivation areas in the middle of the dense forests and is therefore a rarity among the coffee types in the world.

MONT AGOU brings this specialty as coffee beans, ground coffee and in the form of compostable capsules for the NESPRESSO® system to connoisseurs and connoisseurs who want more than just a coffee. The roasting - including that for the NESPRESSO® capsule coffee - takes place continuously and ensures that the coffee is always fresh.

These capsules are guaranteed to be 100% compostable and may either be given in the green waste disposal or composted in the company's own compost. Finally no more rubbish piles and a clear conscience.

Read here how much waste the coffee capsules cause. Report on environmental pollution of coffee (there are 4,000 tons in Germany)

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