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BEANARELLA® Compatible capsule Espresso Ruvido

espresso ruvido

The rough and strong one This strong espresso promises a volcanic balance between acidity and bitterness. It is reminiscent of earthy smoky notes, underlined by lovely nuances of light berries. Its complexity in the finish is reminiscent of an elegant lava flow when a volcano erupted.

Traditional drum roasting

All beanarella coffee beans are roasted in the oldest roastery in Switzerland in traditional drum roasters. Due to the long roasting at low temperatures and a long roasting time, no bitter substances arise during the roasting process. All beanarella coffees are low in acid and gentle on the stomach.

No aluminum

The beanarella coffee capsules do not contain any aluminum and are not pierced. Beanarella only works with high pressure without piercing the coffee capsules.


The beanarella coffee capsules do not contain any plasticizers.

Organic farming

All beanarella coffees are exclusively from organic cultivation. By not using conventional pesticides, the coffees are only healthier, organic coffee production also results in up to 50% less CO2 emissions.

Fair trade

All beanarella coffees are exclusively from fair trade. Fair trade conditions enable smallholders and workers in the growing countries to invest in a sustainable future.

Renewable raw materials

The beanarella coffee capsules consist mainly of renewable raw materials.

Seedling seal

The beanarella capsules are proven to be 100% compostable. In a composting plant, the coffee capsules are 100% composted in 4-12 weeks

Youtube video of composting.

BEANARELLA® Compatible capsule Espresso Ruvido

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  • CONTENT: 10 pieces

    UNIT PRICE per capsule: Fr: 0.49

    SYSTEM: beanarella®

    INTENSITY: 5 out of 5

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