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Dolce Gusto capsule from Nescafé Ristretto Barista

Dolce Gusto capsule from Nescafé Ristretto Barista

The NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Ristretto Barista is one of our strongest among the strong coffee compositions. With lots of crema, a velvety aroma and an intense note, the barista exudes an extraordinary, Italian coffee feeling. It owes its balanced, strong taste to the harmonious combination of carefully selected Robusta and Arabica beans. Enjoy this intensive composition at the end of a fine meal or as an enjoyable kick in between during a short break from work. With its extraordinary, delicious aroma, the Ristretto Barista awakens your senses and ensures an unforgettable taste experience. The NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® capsule contains fine, ground Robusta and Arabica roast coffee that has been refined using every trick in the book. The wonderful aroma is completely enclosed in the airtight capsules and is only released during preparation. The Ristretto Barista guarantees cup for cup stimulating coffee enjoyment.

EAN: 7613034704436

Dolce Gusto capsule from Nescafé Ristretto Barista

SKU: 30925
VAT Included
  • CONTENT: 16 pieces

    UNIT PRICE per capsule: Fr: 0.43

    SYSTEM: Dolce Gusto

    INTENSITY: 9/12

  • We guarantee the best price throughout Switzerland. Don't hesitate to compare. Calculate the unit price per capsule. With most providers, this is over 0.50 / pc. With us it starts at 0.22. That's a whopping 50% cheaper!

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