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Dolce Gusto compatible capsule from Pellini Top Espresso

These capsules can only be ordered from 10 packs. Please contact us

Dolce Gusto compatible capsule from Pellini Top Espresso

A wonderful espresso every day - At Pellini, people not only produce coffee, they want to understand it first.

That is why the company prides itself on studying every detail and constantly developing the taste, appearance and optimal preparation of espresso: Italy is known as the motherland of espresso, the Pellini company is one of the pioneers of this national heritage and creates culture with every cup of coffee.

Since the Pellini family founded the company in the heart of Verona in 1922, the company has worked to make every coffee break unique and unmistakable.

We come very close to this goal thanks to a fully automated company building, which stands for reliability, compliance with standards and the achievement of large production volumes.

This is why all Pellini mixes are so unique and distinctive. The best choice for every coffee lover.

The excellent quality of the brand is characterized by:

  • The selection of raw materials, sourced directly in the country of origin and then tested internally
  • The traditional slow roasting process in which all organoleptic properties are clearly evident
  • roasting the beans separately and resting them for at least three days to give the beans an improved flavor
  • The secret recipes for mixing the individual bean origins into a real Italian espresso

Not to forget the unmistakable packaging design, which contributes to the brand positioning on the shelves and with the consumer: Pellini currently produces over 10,000 tons of coffee per year and supplies around 3,000 restaurants in Italy.

Pellini is now the fourth largest coffee roaster in the Italian retail market and is growing in double digits every year, despite the downward trend in the market in this category: And this in a country that proudly has more than 800 roasters!

Enjoy your coffee moment. With Pellini you can enjoy a wonderful espresso every day.

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Dolce Gusto compatible capsule from Pellini Top Espresso

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  • INHALT: 10 Stück

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    SYSTEM: Dolce Gusto



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