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Melitta Auslese Classic coffee pods

ONLY available on request. Please contact us

Coffee pods fit into all `` KOLBEN '' machines.

Roasted ground coffee in coffee pods
Fine composition of exquisite coffees
The secret of our Melitta® Auslese classic pods lies in a fine selection of special coffees from selected growing areas. Our coffee experts have put these together with the greatest care and a lot of experience into a perfectly coordinated mixture, which gives the Auslese classic pods their full-bodied and spirited character. The fine crema rounds off this coffee pleasure.

Storage information: Keep the coffee pods tightly closed, cool and dry.
Use within two weeks of opening.

Please insert the pad into your pad holder with the Melitta® logo facing up.

Melitta Auslese Classic coffee pods

SKU: 10675
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  • INHALT: 16 Stück

    EINZELPREIS pro Pad: Fr: 0.16



  • We guarantee the best price throughout Switzerland. Don't hesitate to compare. Calculate the unit price per capsule. With most providers, this is over 0.50 / pc. In us it starts at 0.22. That's a whopping 50% cheaper!

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