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Nespresso® compatible tea capsules MY-TEACUP English Breakfast

The "English Breakfast": It makes your morning perfect

Out of bed - out into the fresh morning air. A round of jogging. Before breakfast. No? Are you more of a morning grouch? Then "English Breakfast" from My-TeaCup is your perfect start to the day. Simply insert the BIO capsule into your Nespresso® ** machine, press the button. Experience your very own energizing tea moment. With our strong organic black tea blend. The tea leaves. They transform the contents of your cup into golden energy. Immerse yourself in a world of power at the breakfast table. The caffeine in the tea leaves. In contrast to coffee, the caffeine kick is not short and violent. So you have a constant energy store. Build strength for the day. Exquisite fragrance. Enjoy the uniquely flowery, refreshing taste - thanks to our proprietary aroma technology, the tea leaves develop their full aroma. "English Breakfast" - after that nothing will stop you from doing the morning exercise program.

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Nespresso® compatible tea capsules MY-TEACUP English Breakfast

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