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Nespresso original coffee capsule Barista Corto

Nespresso Original Coffee Capsule Barista Corto FOR PARTICULARLY INTENSIVE RECIPES WITH MILK

Do you want a strong and expressive little coffee with just a delicate hint of sweetness? This is coffee from Spain. Spain's outstanding baristas inspired us to develop the BARISTA CREATIONS Corto. We have carefully studied the interaction of coffee and milk to find out exactly how we can achieve the intense and syrupy coffee for these special coffee specialties with milk. A sip of our BARISTA CREATIONS Corto with a dash of milk and this powerful, dark roasted mixture of African arabica and robusta will enchant you with its intense notes of roasted coffee and peppery spices.

We tested a large number of different coffees from different countries of origin and discovered that not all coffees go well with milk. We chose a fine Robusta from Uganda as the basis of the mixture. It has the intensity, the powerful body and the syrupy texture that you would expect in a Cortado recipe. We also add the finest arabica from Africa and complete the powerful aroma profile.
When roasting, it is generally a matter of optimally coordinating the temperature, roasting duration and degree of roasting. If the coffee is to harmonize perfectly with milk, this is all the more important. For the Corto, we therefore roast the coffees over a long period of time in order to achieve the texture typical of a Spanish coffee. The long roast - until the beans have taken on a dark, strong color - develop seductive bitter notes and the syrupy, full body.
The BARISTA CREATIONS Corto is easy to recognize by its pure strength and the intense roasted character. The Corto breaks through the milk with its powerful aftertaste, elegant bitter notes and a full, structured body. With a shot of hot milk and topped with a little milk foam, enjoy the corto just like the traditional Spanish cortados.

Nespresso original coffee capsule Barista Corto

SKU: 70915
VAT Included
  • CONTENT: 10 pieces

    SYSTEM: Nespresso

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