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Nespresso Original Coffee Capsule Limited Editions "Il Caffè" Black

"Il Caffè" Black brings you right to the center of the classic Italian espresso experience. Vietnamese and Indonesian washed robustas with a little Colombian arabica shot that brings out that powerful combination of soft, velvety taste and roasted grain flavors.

To hit the intense note that is reminiscent of the classic Italian espresso, we started with two strong-tasting washed Robustas - from Vietnam and Indonesia - that form the basis of this blend. We brought in a dash of washed Colombian arabica beans to top the mix off and give it a dash of acidity.

The Robusta coffees in "Il Caffè" have a darker roast than the Arabica coffee. The darker, but medium-long roast gives these Robustas intensity and fullness and thus a long-lasting taste. The slightly lighter, but slightly longer roasting of the Colombian arabica ensures that the acidity and a slightly nutty note are retained.

A sip of "Il Caffè" offers your palate the full Italian espresso experience. A robust coffee full of roasted grain notes, the soft and velvety texture comes true like a dream. A touch of peppery spice gives this classic espresso additional intensity. Its lingering aftertaste makes this espresso a coffee you won't soon forget.

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Nespresso Original Coffee Capsule Limited Editions "Il Caffè" Black

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  • INHALT: 10 Stück

    SYSTEM: Nespresso

    INTENSITÄT: Aussergewöhnlich intensiv und samtig

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