NESPRESSO® Compatible Bonga Red Mountain RISTRETTO capsule

Ethiopian wild coffee from certified organic wild collection in compostable capsules, aluminum-free, bio-based

As an active contribution to the protection of the heavily decimated rainforest in Ethiopia, Original Food has been marketing premium wild coffee for over 12 years, thus assuming a pioneering role in sustainability. So it was only logical for Original Food to invest in the development of an ecologically compatible coffee capsule.

Coffee capsules have many advantages: the practical and easy preparation, the aroma protection and consistent coffee quality in every cup. The big and irresponsible disadvantages: The production of the capsules, which mostly contain aluminum, is very energy- and CO2-intensive, and the used capsules create huge mountains of waste.

Original Food has worked on a solution and has now brought it to market: the first certified compostable coffee capsule for Nespresso® systems. It is aluminum-free and bio-based.

The origin of all coffee is in the last mountain rainforests of Ethiopia. There the wild beans are carefully collected by hand by the farmers, dried in the sun and sorted one by one. The traditional long roasting makes the Bonga Red Mountain one of the best coffees in the world.

100% arabica

Very intense, concentrated espresso (very dark roast) with a fruity, dark base tone and dark chocolate notes
Intensity: 9

Processing time: 10 seconds

NESPRESSO® Compatible Bonga Red Mountain RISTRETTO capsule

SKU: 10730
VAT Included
  • INHALT: 10 Stück

    SYSTEM: Nespresso®

    INTENSITÄT: 9/10

    SPEZIELLES: Kapseln komplett Kompostierbar

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