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Nespresso® compatible capsule from GOURMESSO RISTRETTO coffee capsules

Ristretto Blend Forte

The Fairtrade espresso capsules in this ristretto have an intensity of 10 and are characterized by their spice and strong taste. These capsules, compatible with Nespresso® * systems, have the highest intensity and therefore a very intense taste.

Spice, strength and power combined in a single coffee capsule

The word ristretto comes from Italian and means something like narrow or restricted. An espresso ristretto is therefore a highly concentrated espresso with a small amount of water. In the coffee capsules of the Ristretto Blend Forte, the South American Arabica beans are combined with a small addition of African Arabicas and Asian Robusta beans. The African and Asian beans are roasted separately and ensure the strong taste and body of the Ristretto Blend Forte. The high-quality South African arabica give the ristretto its unique flavor, while the robusta beans are responsible for the caffeine content in these coffee capsules.

High quality coffee beans at Gourmesso

The Arabica bean, which makes up the main taste of the Ristretto Blend Forte, is considered the highest quality coffee bean there is. It is characterized by its noble taste. The coffee capsules from Gourmesso are compatible with all common Nespresso® * machines. The online shop Gourmesso is not only characterized by its love for exclusive and high-quality coffee, but also by the low prices. Gourmesso is the perfect alternative, as the coffee capsules are cheap to buy and you still don't have to forego enjoyment or quality.

For the environment

We want to enable you to enjoy 100% responsible coffee in the long term. That is why we have been working for some time on a fully compostable coffee capsule that is still compatible with all common Nespresso machines and at the same time maintains the usual high quality of our coffees. However, current technology does not yet allow us to combine compatibility and quality as well as compostability. However, we do not want you to have to accept compromises in terms of compatibility, taste or aroma. For this reason, we currently have two different generations of capsules in our range: One capsule made of polypropylene and another made of partially compostable materials, which is hermetically sealed with the help of an airtight film. The latter capsule is currently still in the test phase. You will soon find detailed information about our capsules on this website here

Further information

  • • 10 Ristretto Blend Forte coffee capsules
  • • ℮ 5g of ground roast coffee per capsule
  • • Compatible with Nespresso® * systems
  • • Made from South American and African Arabica as well as Asian Robusta beans

Nespresso® compatible capsule from GOURMESSO RISTRETTO coffee capsules

SKU: 10775
VAT Included
  • INHALT: 10 Stück

    EINZELPREIS pro Kapsel: Fr: 0.40

    SYSTEM: Nespresso®


  • We guarantee the best price throughout Switzerland. Don't hesitate to compare. Calculate the unit price per capsule. With most providers, this is over 0.50 / pc. In us it starts at 0.22. That's a whopping 50% cheaper!

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