Nespresso Vertuo coffee capsule mug Giornio

That's why we love him:

The Giornio brightens up your morning with the warming power of a Safari Sunrise. The notes of delicate and wild flowers permeate the roasted grain aromas of this Vertuo coffee. These aroma notes of Arabicas from Kenya and Ethiopia accompany you throughout the day.

This Safari Sunrise consists exclusively of East African Arabica coffees. This Vertuo coffee capsule contains both washed and dry processed arabica from Ethiopia. As a result, we have both the delicate floral notes of the washed arabica from Ethiopia and the wilder floral notes for which the sun-dried arabica from Ethiopia are known in the mix.

For this medium-roasted coffee, we roasted the beans separately. Thanks to a lighter, shorter roast, the Arabicas from Ethiopia retain their floral note and a longer, darker roast of the coffee from Kenya gives this Vertuo coffee capsule its body. The preparation is designed in such a way that the coffee gets a wonderful crema and at the same time the flowery aroma notes are preserved.

The Giornio makes a flowery and velvety black coffee, Americano or large black coffee. This Vertuo coffee is based on the aroma of grain with notes of white flowers

Nespresso Vertuo coffee capsule mug Giornio

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