Nespresso Vertuo coffee capsule Mug Master Origin Colombia
COLOMBIA Washed Arabica from Aguadas - Mug 230 ML

Try Master Origin Colombia with milk - sweet and creamy caramel notes pop up in this Vertuo coffee. Colombia Aguada's coffee produces a milky and mild Due Bianco.

During the harvest, the coffee farmers from Aguadas take great pains to ensure that only perfectly ripe fruits are picked. They then carefully monitor the long fermentation process to ensure that only the best aromas develop in their coffee. The Master Origin Colombia - Washed Arabica shows impressively how this wise care leads to a coffee that is neither underdeveloped in terms of taste nor overfermented, but tastes just right.
The Colombian aguadas coffee in this Vertuo coffee capsule is lightly roasted. Most of this Fairtrade coffee is roasted for a shorter time, while a small part of these Colombian coffee beans is roasted a little longer and more intensively, which gives the coffee more complexity.
Master Origin Colombia washed Arabica has the convincing taste of a juicy, fruity washed Colombian coffee. You can discover notes of candied apple and red berries in this sweet and vinous Vertuo coffee.

Nespresso Vertuo coffee capsule Mug Master Origin Colombia

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    SYSTEM: Nespresso Vertuo


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