Nespresso Vertuo coffee capsule mug Odacio

That's why we love him:

The Odacio is a lively and intense Vertuo coffee. The Arabica from Nicaragua in this capsule gives the Odacio its soft and solid grain note. The bold blend also contains a trace of Arabica from Ethiopia. This gives the coffee a light acidity and fine fruitiness with great elegance.


The Odacio is a blend of Arabica coffees from Nicaragua and East Africa. The Arabica coffees from the Nicaraguan highlands have a fine, fresh acidity and the aroma of green apples. The long roasting turns it into a distinctive grain note. The Odacio also contains a trace of coffee from Ethiopia. This gives the brewed coffee a light acidity and an elegant floral and fruity note. Together these coffees make a blend of great elegance.

The individual types of coffee in this Vertuo Odacio coffee capsule are roasted separately. A long roasting process of the Nicaraguan coffee beans develops the specific grain note and gives the mixture its structure and body. The coffee from Ethiopia is also roasted for a long time to bring out the delicate aromas of the coffee. Both roasts are long but light. As a result, the Odacio delights the palate with its great elegance.

He is bold and he is lively. The Odacio has a full-bodied grain note and surprises with a hint of fruitiness and fine acidity in the finish.

Nespresso Vertuo coffee capsule mug Odacio

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