Nespresso Vertuo coffee capsule mug Stormio

That's why we love him:

The Stormio is a dark roasted mixture, the diversity of which gives it a powerful appearance. All of this power comes from arabica beans alone. The long, slow roasting intensifies the grain notes of the coffee from Nicaragua and Guatemala and gives it notes of spices and wood. This Vertuo coffee is a real storm of aromas.

Highland coffees from Nicaragua have a balanced acidity and the aroma of green apples - the bitter roasted notes for the Stormio develop through intensive roasting. The coffee from Guatemala in Stormio is also grown at high altitudes. The rich, volcanic soils give the coffee its elegant complexity, a full body and a dense crema.

A dark and slow roast gives these Arabica coffees from Central America a rich intensity. The coarse grind maintains the Stormio's bold character - its full body and coffee cream. The Stormio is prepared with a long steeping time and high water temperature, which allows the notes of spices and wood to develop fully.

The aroma notes of the Stormio are dazzling, because this Nespresso Intenso unfolds the full intensity of the notes of spices, wood and grain and is at the same time soft and full-bodied in taste - for a wonderfully surprising large black coffee or Americano.

Nespresso Vertuo coffee capsule mug Stormio

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