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Pads from Jacobs Kröung Crema Mild

Coffee pods fit into all `` KOLBEN '' machines.

Ground roasted coffee, coffee pods.

Carefully selected mild beans and a special roast make these Jacobs Krönung Crema Pads a particularly mild taste experience. Experience the gentle pleasure and a velvety soft crema with a full aroma.

Preparation instructions: *** Simmer *** Preparation: Place a JACOBS Krönung pad for a cup of coffee in the pod holder of your machine. Smooth it down and press it down lightly. Ideal for all pad machines.
Storage information: Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

Pads from Jacobs Kröung Crema Mild

SKU: 10369
VAT Included
  • CONTENT: 16 pieces

    SINGLE PRICE per pad: Fr: 0.16



  • We guarantee the best price throughout Switzerland. Don't hesitate to compare. Calculate the unit price per capsule. With most providers, this is over 0.50 / pc. In us it starts at 0.22. That's a whopping 50% cheaper!

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