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Siemens coffee machine TE653501

Your personal world of coffee begins on the display of the EQ.6 plus
- sensoFlow System: Maximum aroma thanks to an always ideal and constant brewing temperature
- coffeeSelect Display: By lightly touching the sensor fields, aromatic coffee and milk specialties can be selected and prepared directly
- autoMilk Clean: Fully automatic steam cleaning after every drink completely relieves you of the daily maintenance of the milk system
- oneTouch Function: Every drink with just one press of a button - whether espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato
- Favorites: save coffee or milk specialties with individual preparation requirements and easily access them at any time

Maximum aroma thanks to the ideal brewing temperature: sensoFlow system.
In order for the aroma of an espresso to develop fully, it must be prepared at the correct brewing temperature. The ideal brewing temperature for a perfect espresso is between 90 ° C and 95 ° C. If the temperature is too low, only some of the aromas will be released from the coffee. If the temperature is too high, the coffee tastes burnt quickly. That's why the EQ fully automatic coffee machines with the worldwide unique sensoFlow system always heat the water to the right temperature, and that during the entire brewing process.

For extra strong coffee: aromaDouble Shot.
Extra strong coffee without compromising on flavor - thanks to the innovative aromaDouble Shot function. With two grinding and brewing processes, aromaDouble Shot ensures the best aroma throughout. This automatically avoids a bitter aftertaste, because less water also releases fewer bitter substances.

Individual cup size adjustment: individualCup Volume.
Being able to draw off perfect coffee not only in common cup sizes, but also in the individually desired filling quantity, is a question of perfect technology. With individualCup Volume, the three pre-set cup sizes "small", "medium" and "large" can be adjusted to the individually desired amount in five further stages.

Flexible for every requirement: the height-adjustable coffee spout.
Whether a small espresso in between or a latte macchiato in a glass: the height-adjustable coffee spout adapts perfectly to every cup size. Even tall latte macchiato glasses fit easily under the coffee spout. There are no limits to your enjoyment. Perfect down to the smallest detail.

Double enjoyment at the same time: double cup cover for espresso and café crème.
The double cup cover enables you to draw two espressos or café crème comfortably at the same time. To do this, the cups are simply placed under the two-part spout before the device starts two consecutive brewing and grinding processes with just one push of a button. For double enjoyment of unique aromas.

Complete enjoyment at the push of a button: oneTouch Function.
Whether latte macchiato, creamy cappuccino or extra strong espresso - no matter which coffee specialty you choose: With the oneTouch function, your fully automatic coffee machine serves you the perfect coffee enjoyment easily and conveniently at the touch of a button. Depending on your preference, the system prepares coffee and milk specialties fully automatically. The perfect technology for all-round perfect enjoyment.

Finely ground, extra taste: ceramDrive.
The high-quality ceramDrive grinder grinds the coffee beans particularly evenly and thus ensures that the various aromas unfold during the brewing process.

Cup for cup a treat: the 15th
Complete enjoyment at the highest technical level - that's what the 15,000 stands for. Cup.

Perfect hygiene: thanks to the removable brewing unit.
For hygienic cleaning inside the machine, the brewing unit of the fully automatic coffee machine can be easily removed from the machine, cleaned under running water and just as easily reinserted. So that you can enjoy what you really want again faster: the pure aroma of the finest coffee specialties.

Always fresh brewing water: single portion cleaning.
So that your coffee is always prepared with fresh water, singlePortion Cleaning ensures convenient and hygienic cleaning of all lines in the device - after each brewing process. That is perfection down to the last detail. For enjoyment on a grand scale.

Enjoy longer: with calc'nClean.
With calc'nClean, decalcifying and cleaning are done in one process. The service program not only ensures optimum cleaning convenience, but also longer enjoyment thanks to the maximum product service life.

Pure enjoyment. Nothing else: autoMilk Clean for fully automatic cleaning of the milk system.
If you are passionate about enjoying aromatic coffee specialties, you don't want to go without anything when it comes to preparation. Except for regular cleaning of the milk system. Siemens has developed autoMilk Clean specifically for this requirement. The fully automatic steam cleaning ensures optimal hygiene after every drink and completely relieves you of the daily maintenance of the milk system. Milk residues cannot arise in the first place. This means you can lean back and relax while enjoying your refined coffee and milk specialties.

- Color TFT display, 11 programs - Programming of all coffee specialties - Foamed milk beverages at the push of a button - Ceramic disc grinder - Automatic rinsing and cleaning programs

Fully automatic coffee machine black / silver milk foam espresso machine black / silver with display

TE653501DE fully automatic coffee machine sw

EAN: 4242003803516

Siemens coffee machine TE653501

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