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Special descaler for capsule machines 500ml

The convenient descaling solution

You can take care of your capsule machine with regular descaling. Because the amount of lime in tap water varies depending on the region. The water is heated in the machine and limescale builds up. You know the effect from kettles. In the case of the capsule machines, however, this effect is much less pronounced. However, regular descaling of the coffee machine is necessary to prevent hard limescale deposits from forming. To decalcify, add a decalcifying solution based on the liquid decalcifying agent to the water tank and start the decalcifying process. The ingredients are tailored to the capsule machines. Since the descaler is liquid, it does not have to be dissolved like powder or descaling tablets. Ensure trouble-free operation of your capsule machine and long-term enjoyment - it's very simple.

Instructions for the exact descaling process can be found in the operating instructions for your K-fee capsule machine. With some machines, the water hardness can be set in the device, then the machine signals at the right time that it wants to be descaled. Many customers descale their machine once a month. You need 100 ml of the liquid descaler and 400 ml of cold water for each descaling process. The contents of the bottle are sufficient for 5 applications. Caution: If you use a water filter, you must remove it before descaling.

The step by step instructions:

  • Pour 100 ml of the contents of the bottle into the water tank of the capsule machine (the contents of the bottle are sufficient for 5 uses).
  • Pour four times the amount of cold water (400 ml) into the water tank.
  • Check that there is no capsule in the brew chamber and that the lever is closed.
  • Place a sufficiently large container under the spout.
  • Switch on the device and rinse until the water tank is completely empty.
  • Remove the water tank and rinse thoroughly. Empty the collecting vessel.
  • Insert the water tank and rinse the machine again with at least 1 liter of cold water.
  • Don't forget to empty the fall arrester in good time.

Our recommendation: Use the descaler every 2 to 3 months, because regular use cares for and protects your capsule machine.

Special descaler for capsule machines 500ml

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