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Delizio System compatible BIO coffee capsules

Delizio System compatible industrially COMPOSTABLE organic coffee capsules

  • the aroma-protected Delizio coffee capsule consists only of renewable raw materials.

  • The Delizio coffee capsule can be disposed of with the compostable household waste in the official bio bin, if officially approved , and is biodegradable. NOT suitable for household compost in the garden.

  • the coffee is organic and fairtrade certified.

  • the cardboard used for the packaging is FSC certified Elegant and sophisticated

The full Delizio aroma range in a coffee capsule. These coffee capsules ONLY fit in DELIZIO, Cremesso and Oswald Venura machines.

Delizio capsule coffee blends are available for every taste and every cup size - for your Delizio coffee machine. Delizio coffee capsules do NOT fit in Nespresso machines, but ONLY in your Delizio machine and Oswald Ventura machine.

As an espresso, ristretto, lungo, latte macchiato or as a base for a seductive mixed milk drink. Most Delizio coffees are made from selected Arabica beans from Central and South America and fine Robusta beans from Asia - this applies to Delizio's balanced Espresso Classico and the strong, intense Ristretto Forte as well as the particularly gentle Lungo Leggero.

Delizio: unusual in taste, fair in production

Those who prefer something a bit more unusual will surely find something among the Delizio Flavored Coffees. In addition to their typical, fully aromatic coffee taste, these coffee creations also have notes of caramel or vanilla. A Delizio Lungo Caramello gives a caramel latte macchiato the finishing touch and the extra coffee Vaniglia provides that certain something in the morning.

The Delizio standard range not only stands for good taste, but also for good origin, because with the UTZ certificate Delizio ensures that the production of the coffee is subject to strict ecological, economic and social criteria.

For those quiet moments - the Delizio tea range

As the first 19-bar coffee capsule system, the Delizio capsule machine from Migros and the Oswald capsule machine Ventura also have something special to offer: In addition to excellent coffee, you can also make excellent capsule tea - just as easily and quickly. Delizio tea blends are available in different versions - from calming to sweet to fruity. This is how Delizio ensures that everyone gets their capsules uh money. Now the choice is yours.

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