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Cafissimo / Caffitaly ècaffè System compatible capsules


Caffitaly, Caffissimo, K-Fee, Expressi and ècaffè have the same system.

The German coffee roaster Tchibo has been on the market for a long time with its Cafissimo capsule system for machines from the Cafissimo capsule system. With the Cafissimo coffee capsule coffee machine, Tchibo launched a new capsule machine a few weeks ago. The machine was created in collaboration with Saeco, an Italian coffee machine manufacturer that belongs to the Philips Group. Saeco has been around for a very long time and is a proven machine manufacturer, especially in the area of ​​coffee machines for coffee capsules. In contrast to the Cafissimo Latte machine, also launched this year, which can also make milk beverages such as our Caffè Latte, the Tuttocaffè capsule machine should be able to do one thing above all: Quickly and easily prepare capsule coffee with a special aroma. This capsule coffee machine is known for its particularly good crema. Capsules for the Cafissimo coffee machine make the best coffee.

Cafissimo capsules from Tchibo are compatible with the capsule coffee machines of the Caffitaly system

For the Caffitaly capsule system used by Cafissimo, there are currently coffee and espresso coffee capsules from Tchibo. The type of coffee can be determined by the color of the capsule, namely blue for filter coffee, orange for crema, and black for espresso. These colors can also be found on the control buttons of the machine. The Tchibo capsules correspond to the brands introduced by this manufacturer for classic capsule coffee machines.

Other capsule providers with limited availability are ÈCaffè and Caffè Chicco d'Oro, such as those only in Austria Eduscho, and Julius Meinl; Caffè Cagliari (only in Italy) and Dallmayr (only for commercial customers). The capsule coffee machine from Tchibo Cafissimo is available in Switzerland, Austria and Germany

Since January 2015, teas in capsule form (green) from Tchibo have also been available for the Cafissimo coffee capsule system. The TEE capsules naturally fit into any capsule machine or coffee machine for capsules from Cafissimo.

TCHIBO Grand Classé Cafè capsule for Cafissimo

Discover the unforgettable caffè taste experience of our limited Grand Caffè Classé Tanzania Machweo capsules with fine-fruity notes and particularly fine, the elegant coffee aroma. The Tanzania Machweo capsules are another brilliant achievement from Tchibo Cafissimo. Of course, compatible with every Cafissimo coffee machine

TCHIBO espresso capsule for Cafissimo

Espresso lovers appreciate the intense coffee aroma and the preparation of the fine crema. This cafè espresso is served in smaller espresso cups.TCHIBO Caffè Crema capsule for CafissimoFull aroma and a velvety crema make these coffees an experience. Coffee crema is served in normal coffee cups.

TCHIBO filter coffee capsule for Cafissimo

With or without caffeine - our filter coffees are real classics and impress with their aromatic taste.

TCHIBO Teatime capsule for Cafissimo TEA

Aromatic tea enjoyment from the capsule. Tea connoisseurs adore our delicious Cafissimo TEATIME varieties - that is Cafissimo quality from TCHIBO

We love coffee - the origin, selection, processing and roasting of the beans as well as the individual way of preparation shape the unique character and taste of our coffee capsules. For Cafissimo aroma capsules, we only use selected arabica from the best growing areas. For the best taste.

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