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K-Fee System capsule TEALOUNGE peppermint TEA

Exquisite composition with harvests from the traditional mint growing areas of the world

The whole experience of our tea tasters is in this particularly refreshing mint tea. The exquisite composition with the best harvests from selected mint growing areas has a particularly intense taste.

When you brew a capsule Mint Experience in your CAPSULA SYSTEM, the exciting taste unfolds and the tea acquires its amber color. Simply a sensual pleasure

K-Fee System capsule TEALOUNGE peppermint TEA

SKU: 31130
VAT Included
  • INHALT: 8 Stück

    SYSTEM: K-fee


  • We guarantee the best price throughout Switzerland. Don't hesitate to compare. Calculate the unit price per capsule. With most providers, this is over 0.50 / pc. In us it starts at 0.22. That's a whopping 50% cheaper!

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