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Iperespresso system compatible capsules

Metodo IperEspresso (MIE) is the only machine-capsule system that offers exactly the same quality as in a bar, because it is exactly the same product and is made with the same machines.

Iperespresso guarantees an intense and velvety aromatic, incomparable espresso at home too. It is crowned by a dense and persistent crema that does not form on but in the coffee: a result that only the best baristas can achieve by precisely setting temperature, pressure and exact times. Iperespresso makes this result possible even for those who have never made coffee in their life!

There is a large selection of MIE coffee machines for preparing coffee with the MIE capsules. The following machines are currently available:


Its design is unmistakable, its material is elegant and its consumption is very low. The amount and temperature of water can be regulated and only the amount of water required for an espresso is heated. A 100% handcrafted espresso machine in Switzerland.


Our design icon, the X1, is a true legend. Luca Trazzi based her design on the barman's gestures, because the coffee tastes just as if it was prepared in an Italian bar. Its curved lines, its steel housing and the brass boiler not only make it look glamorous, but also make it a long-lasting espresso machine. Because of the sophisticated aesthetics and exclusive technology, Wired magazine called its style "retro-futuristic". It is intended for lovers of real Italian espresso. It also has a steam wand to make an excellent cappuccino.

X7.1 MIE

The X7.1 is a coffee machine that uses the Amici Iperespresso system and guarantees you an aromatic and full-bodied espresso with a long-lasting, thick crema. It was specially designed for lovers of real Italian espresso and prepares you a perfect cappuccino. Impeccable quality of the extraction and easy handling: the brewing process is started by pressing a button.


The coffee machine without corners and edges. Simple elegance, aesthetics and functionality: The chrome surface makes it unique and the touch control lets you prepare your coffee with a simple push of a button. Click the box for full details.

X2.1 MIE inox steam and no steam

The X2.1 MIE is a professional coffee machine, but is slightly smaller and more space-saving than other models. When designing the machine, Luca Trazzi combined functionality, beauty, tradition and modernity to guarantee you a unique espresso experience. It is available in 2 versions: the X2.1 MIE inox steam has a special steam function and therefore requires a special electrical connection 23 / 16A, the X2.1 no steam does not have this function and can therefore be connected as normal.


It is compact and impresses with its easy handling. It is the ideal espresso machine for those who do not want to forego the unmistakable taste of an Amici espresso, but have limited space. With touch controls.

Y5 Milk MIE Espresso & Coffee

Compact design and easy to use. The “One-Touch-Milk” technology enables the preparation of a cappuccino or a latte macchiato with a simple push of a button. It also makes espresso, café creme, hot milk or water for tea and delicious filter coffee. Click the box for full details.

The capsules:

The MIE capsules (Metodo IperEspresso) from Amici for an espresso as prepared in the bar

The Metodo IperEspresso is the only capsule system that offers exactly the same quality as in a bar: an intense and velvety aromatic espresso with a thick and persistent crema. The heart of the system is the capsule, protected by 5 patents: a complete extraction chamber that works in 2 phases, the hyperinfusion and the emulsion. Inside each capsule is the optimal dosage of the Amici mixture of 9 selected pure arabica.

Now discover all the flavors of the MIE capsules - the Amici mix and the Monoarabicas.

The MIE capsules with the Amici mixture: The symphony of a unique mixture for an espresso

The Amici mixture is composed of 9 different countries of origin to guarantee you an aromatic structure and a full and strong body. There are 5 versions: espresso, harmony on the palate; Ristretto, for real lovers of “caffè all'italiano”; Espresso Lungo, for those who like their coffee a little milder; Cafè Creme, for real coffee lovers, caffeine-free, harmony ... without caffeine.

All flavors are available in jars of 21 capsules or in a carton with 6 jars, for a total of 126 capsules. Alternatively, there are 100 individually packed capsules in a carton (30 capsules for decaffeinated coffee). Pick your favorite flavor and click a box to find out more.

The sorts:

METODO IPERESPRESSO (MIE) capsule system - patented 2-phase system

Espresso Lungo Roast Amici Caffè

Café Crème Roast Amici Caffè

Espresso roast Amici Caffè

Ristretto roast Amici Caffè

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