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BELLAROM Kaffeepads Gold 20er UTZ

We can only sell this item from 20 pieces. Please contact us by email if necessary

Coffee pods fit into all `` KOLBEN '' machines.

  • Bellarom coffee pods Gold 20 UTZ - 20 pods / 100% Arabica
  • This coffee was grown by UTZ certified farmers.
  • Quality promise: A composition full of character from highland arabicas has a fine aroma paired with a fresh, lively acidity.
20x 7.2 g (144 g)
  • Suitable for coffee pad machines.
  • Sealed under protective athmosphere.
  • Easy to open without scissors: pull apart at the top.
  • Notes for storage:
    • Store the coffee in the original packaging, which was specially developed for the purpose of preserving the aroma.
    • Do not pour the opened package over, but store it in a can in a cool, dry and airtight place.
    • The best way to enjoy the coffee is freshly brewed. Keeping it warm for a long time has a negative impact on the quality of the coffee.

BELLAROM Kaffeepads Gold 20er UTZ

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