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DELIZIO® compatible capsule CREMESSO Limited Edition El Salvador (pack of 16)

Cremesso El Salvador Pacamara 16 capsules 96 g,

Big bean - great taste! The coffee for our World's Finest Coffees No. 7 comes from the volcanic mountain region Apaneca Ilamatepec in El Salvador. The coffee beans of the Pacamara variety are among the largest in the world. Hand-plowed, grown and sun-dried, this extraordinary coffee unfolds its unique aroma. A fine sweetness, notes of chocolate and intense roasted aromas await you in the cup. Roasted ground coffee. 100% Arabica of the Pacamara variety from El Salvador. Single Origin, World's Finest Coffee. Degree of strength 3/5. Recommended cup size: Lungo. Intense & chocolaty Surprisingly complex lungo with a fine, chocolaty sweetness, notes of cocoa and intense roasted aromas.

Origin: The beans of the Arabica variety Pacamara are among the largest in the world. The coffee plants are grown in the volcanic mountain region of Apaneca Ilamatepec in El Salvador at 1,600 meters above sea level. M. grown. In the mild mountain climate, the cherries ripen more slowly and the bean density increases. The careful manual picking of the juicy red cherries, the washed preparation and the natural drying of this extraordinary coffee unfolds its complex aroma profile.

Roasting: The medium, gentle roasting underlines the special character of this Pacamara coffee. Thanks to the medium-fine grind, it gets a creamy, full-bodied texture during preparation. Prepared as a lungo, the intense flavor profile of this exclusive highland coffee comes into its own.

Aroma: If you like chocolate, you will love this coffee. The noble Pacamara coffee impresses with intense cocoa aromas, an exceptionally pronounced sweetness and delicious roast aromas. The acid is well integrated and gives the coffee a subtle citric note. The creamy, full-bodied texture and the long-lasting finish harmoniously round off the enjoyment experience of the Cremesso El Salvador Pacamara.

DELIZIO® compatible capsule CREMESSO Limited Edition El Salvador (pack of 16)

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  • CONTENT: 16 pieces

    UNIT PRICE per capsule: Fr: 0.62


    INTENSITY: 3/5

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