NESPRESSO® compatible capsule Bonga Red Mountain Light Roast Bio / FT

Ethiopia's Pure Wild Coffee from certified organic wild collection in compostable and 100% aluminum-free capsules for Nespresso * machines.
Light Roast - intensity 3/10 - cups 110ml
Pack 55g

Pure coffee enjoyment, ecological & fair

The origin of all coffee is in the last mountain rainforests of Ethiopia. There the wild beans are carefully picked by the farmers, naturally dried in the sun and sorted by hand. Gently roasted and freshly ground in capsules, Bonga Red Mountain offers unique and all-round sustainable coffee enjoyment. By collecting and selling wild coffee

Over 8,000 farming families in Kaffa generate a long-term income from the careful use of the rainforest. In this way, the rainforest and its unique biodiversity are preserved, for the benefit of nature and the population.

The newly developed, aroma-proof coffee capsule from Bonga Red Mountain offers decisive advantages:

✓ Flavor-tight capsule = even better quality

✓ Without additional packaging = less waste

✓ Colored, printed capsules = identification of the types

✓ Narrower packaging = space for additional variety on the shelf

The Bonga Red Mountain capsules are made of bio-plastic based on corn and sugar cane components. They are 100% aluminum-free and compostable (certified according to EN DIN 13432 for industrial composting).

Bonga Red Mountain offers users of coffee capsules a unique and particularly sustainable coffee specialty, produced ecologically and fairly. Discover the fruity, light, mild coffee for a long cup.

The new capsules made of bio-plastic are compostable according to EN DIN 13432 and 100% aluminum-free. A real alternative to conventional coffee capsules.

NESPRESSO® compatible capsule Bonga Red Mountain Light Roast Bio / FT

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    SYSTEM: Nespresso®


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