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Nespresso® compatible tea capsules MY TEACUP Good Night

These tea capsules fit into any standard Nespresso® coffee machine. Rinse the machine briefly, then remove the foil from the tea capsule and enjoy the tea

Compostable tea capsules

Enjoy organic tea in organic capsules made from renewable raw materials. Intended for approx. 200 ML (2 DL) cups.

The "Good Night": It gives you sweet dreams

Actually, you should have been sleeping for a long time. Doesn't work. Too cranked. A cup of "Good Night" from My-TeaCup can help you. BIO capsule in your Nespresso® ** machine, press the button. Even the exquisite scent that orange and lavender subtly permeate takes you into a deeply relaxed world. Sweet and aromatic. This is how your "Good Night" cup tastes. Thanks to cinnamon, licorice root and fennel. With chamomile and lavender you let your soul dangle. Your very personal, relaxing tea moment. We wish you good night. Sweet Dreams!

EAN: 4251471400271

Nespresso® compatible tea capsules MY TEACUP Good Night

SKU: 31875
VAT Included
  • CONTENT: 10 pieces

    UNIT PRICE per capsule: Fr: 0.43

    SYSTEM: Nespresso®


    Special: Compostable

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