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Nespresso Original Coffee Capsule Decaffeinato Ristretto
Ristretto is Italian for “limited” - in Naples they did that with their espresso to create this even shorter, more intense café classic. The ristretto blend reflects this with its powerful and high-contrast character. Ristretto Decaffeinato follows in the same footsteps, but without caffeine - twice shortened, even less becomes even more.

Latte macchiato and cappuccino

All the strong aromas of Ristretto Decaffeinato penetrate the milk foam and give you the classic taste of a latte macchiato or cappuccino. Just a dash of milk with your black Nespresso capsule gives this decaffeinated coffee a velvety texture.


This is our most intense, decaffeinated coffee capsule. Nothing of the powerful and high-contrast character of the ristretto is lost in Ristretto Decaffeinato . It's still a mix of Latin American and East African coffees - arabica and a touch of robusta. All of these coffees come with their unique characters and become a short, intense decaffeinated ristretto .


The slow split roasting technique unfolds all the aromas of these Arabica and Robusta coffees and gives Ristretto Decaffeinato its rich, roasted taste. A fine grind helps to create the classic Italian taste - intense and powerful on your tongue.


Nespresso Ristretto Decaffeinato - like the original Ristretto capsule - is boldly roasted, but balanced by delicate chocolate notes. You can capture some of the subtle acidity and fruity notes that make this Nespresso Decaffeinato capsule so mysteriously complex.

Coffee capsules are sold in sticks of 10 capsules. For packaging reasons, the minimum order quantity is 50 capsules (5 sticks).

Nespresso Original Coffee Capsule Decaffeinato Ristretto

SKU: 34365
VAT Included
  • INHALT: 100 Stück

    SYSTEM: Nespresso


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