Nespresso original coffee capsule Dharkan Intenso
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Dharkan is a diamond in the rough. Beneath the surface of these Latin American and Asian arabica is a long roast at low temperatures - it shows the intensity of the coffee, the evolving aromas of cocoa and roasted grains, and a pleasant aftertaste.

Milk recipes

If you enjoy this coffee with milk - as a cappuccino or latte macchiato - you will discover rich, chocolatey nutty notes that complement this deep treasure. Either way, the Dharkan coffee capsules are an Arabica blend that shows you how good it can be to look deep below the surface.



Dharkan's long roast could easily destroy the flavors trapped in the bean. Our long search led us to some arabica that were grown to maintain this incredible intensity despite the great heat during the roasting process. We found them in Java and Costa Rica. We have also found coffee in several other countries in Latin America, which all have something in common: They grow below 1,400 meters.


This Arabica blend is roasted at low temperatures for a long time - this gives the Dharkan Espresso its roasted, dried grain notes, which contain the low acidity and pleasant bitterness that can often only be tasted in a Robusta.


As you peek beneath the surface of the Nespresso Dharkan, you discover an evolving complexity - a bitterness of dusty cocoa that lingers for a long time and lies elegantly velvety on your tongue.

Nespresso original coffee capsule Dharkan Intenso

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