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Nespresso Original Vienna Linizio Lungo coffee capsule
Whether in the coffee house or at a cozy get-together at home, this balanced mixture of soft and silky South American arabica goes perfectly with your Viennoiserie. The Viennese coffee house tradition shaped the coffee culture of this lively city, which is known for its many recipes and the smoothness of its coffee. WORLD EXPLORATIONS VIENNA LINIZIO LUNGO creates this balanced and pleasant Viennese coffee experience by combining sweet Brazilian and Colombian arabica, which have been lightly roasted by our experts to emphasize the malty and aromatic notes in the cup. Enjoy it like a local: fill your lungo with hot water to a 150 ml cup and combine it with a piece of cake.

Our lungo is made from Brazilian, naturally processed bourbon beans with washed Colombian arabica, which gives it a smooth and balanced taste.

The Brazilian coffee is roasted lightly to medium, which keeps it soft and the malty notes of the bourbon variety intact. The washed Colombian coffee beans are briefly roasted to release all of their finer flavors.

This coffee is remarkably rounded and smooth, with malty and aromatic notes that shine through in this composition.

EAN: 7630054494642

Nespresso Original Vienna Linizio Lungo coffee capsule

SKU: 34360
VAT Included
  • INHALT: 50 Stück

    SYSTEM: Nespresso

    INTENSITÄT: 6/13

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