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Nespresso Original Tokyo Vivalto Lungo coffee capsule
The high-quality arabica provide exceptional floral aromas and complex flavors that are worthy of the refined palate in Tokyo. Known for tea, the Japanese also have a real affinity for coffee. You strive for sophistication and natural sweetness and love both a rich coffee and a balance of elegant aromas. WORLD EXPLORATIONS TOKYO VIVALTO LUNGO captures the essence of these preferences with refined Ethiopian and Mexican arabica. Complex, floral, with a touch of acidity - you will be pleasantly surprised by this mug. Enjoy it like a local: drink your Lungo black 150 ml and take your time to enjoy its aromas.


A combination of Ethiopian and washed Mexican arabica forms a nice contrast and gives this lungo a rich taste with delicate floral and fruity notes.

A shorter, lighter roast of the Ethiopian coffee beans preserves the acidity of the coffee and the delicate floral notes. Roasting the Mexican beans longer, darker, helps develop some intensity and body while maintaining the balanced character of the blend.

Tokyo Vivalto Lungo combines aromatic, floral notes, refined roasted aromas and a touch of fruity taste to create a balanced and complex profile.

Nespresso Original Tokyo Vivalto Lungo coffee capsule

SKU: 34355
VAT Included
  • INHALT: 100 Stück

    SYSTEM: Nespresso


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