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Nespresso Original Coffee Capsule Master Origin India

Master Origin India with Monsooned Robusta gets its intense, woody, spicy aromas from a Robusta that is exposed to the monsoon and is mixed with the Indian Arabica. Monsoon coffee is unique to the southwest coast of India. The monsoon winds keep swelling for months, drying the beans. The coffee mimics the journey it once took on the way to Europe.

Milk recipes

Try this coffee as a latte macchiato. You will perceive the long-lasting wood and spice aromas and the full intensity of the Master Origin India with Monsooned Robusta. This blend of arabica and robustas makes a great coffee with milk

The robusta beans are carefully exposed to the stormy monsoon winds and the scorching Indian heat for months. A sophisticated processing method that cultivates the powerful and spicy character of coffee.

FOR MILK LOVERS: Enjoy it as a latte macchiato

Master Origin India's coffees with Monsooned Robusta are a blend of Arabica plantation coffee and Robusta Monsoon - both grown in the southern highlands of India. Traditionally, the monsooning process is only used with Arabica coffee, but the Robusta, which is exposed to the monsoon, gives the Master Origin India its full body with Monsooned Robusta and brings in moderate, woody notes. There is nothing like it.


We use the split roasting technique and roast this coffee medium strength and a little shorter. This roasting keeps the distinctive properties of the Arabica and Robusta beans alive.

Master Origin India with Monsooned Robusta owes its wild taste to the unique monsoon process. The coffee beans are turned towards the wind for months and develop pronounced woody, hearty and spicy flavors - as thick and persistent as the fog over the sea. A powerful cup.

Coffee capsules are sold in sticks of 10 capsules. For packaging reasons, the minimum order quantity is 50 capsules (5 sticks).

Nespresso Original Coffee Capsule Master Origin India

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  • CONTENT: 10 pieces

    SYSTEM: Nespresso


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