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NESPRESSO® compatible capsule Jacobs Espresso 12 Ristretto

Experience an intense espresso with a thick and fine-pored crema - thanks to the new aluminum capsule from Jacobs, which now protects the intense aromas of the selected Jacobs coffee beans even better.


The new aluminum capsules from Jacobs have been developed for use in Nespresso ® * coffee machines. Exceptions are the models U® *, Umilk® *, Prodigio® * and Expert® *, which were purchased after July 25, 2016.

This imposing espresso is the result of an elegant blend of robusta and the complex aromas of arabica. An intense and powerful taste that leaves an impression.

EAN: 8711000371206

EAN pack of 20: 8711000377505

NESPRESSO® compatible capsule Jacobs Espresso 12 Ristretto

SKU: 10751
VAT Included
  • INHALT: 10 Stück

    SYSTEM: Nespresso®

    INTENSITÄT: 12/12

    SPEZIELLES: Kapseln aus Aluminium

  • Wir Garantieren Schweizweit den besten Preis. Vergleichen Sie ruhig. Rechnen Sie den Stückpreis pro Kapsel. Der ist bei den meisten Anbietern über 0.50/Stk. Bein uns beginnt es schon ab 0.22. Das sind satte 50% günstiger!

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