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Nespresso® Kompatible Kapsel GOURMESSO ESPRESSO NICARAGUA MEZZO Kaffeekapseln

Nicaragua Mezzo - ideal full-bodiedness

The Nicaragua Mezzo Fairtrade coffee capsules impress with their unique taste and full-bodiedness. With its intensity of 7, it is neither too strong nor too weak. A perfect mix and also compatible with your Nespresso® * machine.

Valuable Arabica and Robusta beans

The Central American Arabica bean and the small amount of Asian Robustas make up the high quality blend of this Espresso Mezzo. The Arabica bean accounts for about 60 percent of world trade. It mainly thrives in the highlands such as Kenya, Colombia and Central America. The robustas, on the other hand, grow faster and are generally more resilient than the arabica. They are also much more productive. The Robusta bean is mainly used as an additive for the preparation of espresso, as it supports the crema formation. The espresso gets its heavy, earthy aroma thanks to the Robusta bean.

For coffee lovers

The light, pleasant bitterness of this Nicaragua mezzo makes espresso something special. The online shop Gourmesso sells this sophisticated coffee blend for just 0.24 euros per coffee capsule. Are you interested in unusual, aromatic espresso varieties? Coffee lovers will not be disappointed with these Nespresso® * compatible capsules. And the best thing about it: The high-quality coffee capsules from Gourmesso fit into every common Nespresso® * machine and are over 30% cheaper.

For the environment

We want to enable you to enjoy 100% responsible coffee in the long term. That is why we have been working for some time on a fully compostable coffee capsule that is still compatible with all common Nespresso machines and at the same time maintains the usual high quality of our coffees. However, current technology does not yet allow us to combine compatibility and quality as well as compostability. However, we do not want you to have to accept compromises in terms of compatibility, taste or aroma. For this reason, we currently have two different generations of capsules in our range: One capsule made of polypropylene and another made of partially compostable materials, which is hermetically sealed with the help of an airtight film. The latter capsule is currently still in the test phase. You can find detailed information about our capsules here

Further information:

  • • 10 Nicaragua Mezzo coffee capsules
  • • ℮ 5g of ground roast coffee per capsule
  • • Compatible with Nespresso® * systems
  • • Made from South American Arabica and Asian Robusta beans

Nespresso® Kompatible Kapsel GOURMESSO ESPRESSO NICARAGUA MEZZO Kaffeekapseln

SKU: 10780
VAT Included
  • INHALT: 10 Stück

    EINZELPREIS pro Kapsel: Fr: 0.40

    SYSTEM: Nespresso®


  • Wir Garantieren Schweizweit den besten Preis. Vergleichen Sie ruhig. Rechnen Sie den Stückpreis pro Kapsel. Der ist bei den meisten Anbietern über 0.50/Stk. Bein uns beginnt es schon ab 0.22. Das sind satte 50% günstiger!

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