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Nespresso® compatible capsule from GOURMESSO LUNGO LATINO MEZZO coffee capsules

Lungo Latino Mezzo - The long espresso

The Fairtrade Lungo Latino Mezzo is characterized by its mild taste, which is crowned by a full crema. Due to the balanced mixture of Arabica and Robusta beans, it has a wonderfully balanced aroma, which is reinforced by the medium roast. The Lungo coffee capsules of the Latino Mezzo variety are made up of three different Arabica beans that come from South and Central America. By adding Indian Robusta beans, you have the perfect mixture in your coffee capsule and an enjoyable alternative for your Nespresso® * machine!

What is a lungo?

A lungo is an espresso that is made with twice the amount of water but the same amount of coffee. The addition of additional water promotes the release of other aromatic substances, which make the lungo less intense, but a bit more bitter in taste. The word lungo comes from Italian and means “long” in translation. The two Gourmesso Lungo varieties are very digestible.

Espresso is healthy!

Coffee and espresso are not only aromatic stimulants, they are also healthy! The contained caffeine stimulates the circulation and helps with low blood pressure. Various studies have even shown that consuming coffee can help prevent type 2 diabetes. Espresso is even easier to digest than coffee because of its lower acidity. This is due to the longer and stronger roasting of the Arabica and Robusta beans. Try the Nespresso® * compatible capsules from Gourmesso.

For the environment

We want to enable you to enjoy 100% responsible coffee in the long term. That is why we have been working for some time on a fully compostable coffee capsule that is still compatible with all common Nespresso machines and at the same time maintains the usual high quality of our coffees. However, current technology does not yet allow us to combine compatibility and quality as well as compostability. However, we do not want you to have to accept compromises in terms of compatibility, taste or aroma. For this reason, we currently have two different generations of capsules in our range: One capsule made of polypropylene and another made of partially compostable materials, which is hermetically sealed with the help of an airtight film. The latter capsule is currently still in the test phase. You can find detailed information about our capsules here

Further information:

  • • 10 Lungo Latino Mezzo coffee capsules
  • • ℮ 5g of ground roast coffee per capsule
  • • Compatible with Nespresso® * systems
  • • Made from South and Central American Arabica and Vietnamese Robusta beans

Nespresso® compatible capsule from GOURMESSO LUNGO LATINO MEZZO coffee capsules

SKU: 10785
VAT Included
  • INHALT: 10 Stück

    EINZELPREIS pro Kapsel: Fr: 0.40

    SYSTEM: Nespresso®


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