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Coffee capsules from Capsa for the Nespresso System

Capsa capsules from Dallmayr. The renowned coffee producer. For your Nespresso® * machine.

The best coffees in the world ... in an aroma capsule.

Discover the capsa variety 10 capsules in a smart box

Dallmayr coffee enjoyment in a new dimension.

Dallmayr offers ten types of coffee capsules for Nespresso ® machines:


A highly aromatic, full-bodied premium coffee packed in a capsule for the Nespresso ® system. Unmistakable in taste thanks to the selection of the finest Arabica highland beans - mainly from Ethiopia, the original home of coffee.

Crema d'Oro

One of the most popular types of coffee from Dallmayr, now also as a Capsa for your Nespresso ® system. The carefully coordinated blend is roasted particularly gently. This results in the velvety, fine, light crema and the balanced, mild aroma.

Espresso barista

An expressive espresso with a dense, hazelnut brown crema and a subtle cocoa note. Patience is its secret: no other Capsa Espresso is roasted longer, has such a soft taste and almost no acidity.

Lungo mild roast

Naturally mild coffees get their elegant, playful aroma spectrum, which is reminiscent of honey and fruity notes, with light citrus hints through a light roast. Perfect as a pure lungo.

Espresso Dark Roast

The dark, long roasting of East African Arabica beans ensures a particularly intense Nespresso ® taste experience. Full and powerful with a lingering aftertaste. Its aromas of black currant, dark chocolate and roasted almonds come into their own.

Espresso decaffeinato

A refined top-quality Arabica blend in the typical espresso roast, now also for the Nespresso ® system. The aroma captivates with nuances of burnt hazelnuts, cedar wood and pepper. Sound expression in decaffeinated quality.

Lungo Ethiopia

Exquisite original coffee from the Ethiopian homeland of the Arabica coffee plant. Picked by hand and then gently processed. Typically intense aromas of floral notes and spices.

Lungo Belluno

A velvety soft, balanced arabica. Its lively play of aromas of vanilla, light floral and nutty nuances flatters the palate and offers a special Nespresso ® pleasure experience. Gentle, clear and soft.

Espresso Artigano

A pure Arabica espresso Nespresso ® from the best high altitudes in Colombia, Kenya and Brazil. Its complex fruit notes combine with nutty accents to create a first-class, intense Arabica espresso.

Espresso ristretto

The full-bodied, intense espresso experience for your Nespresso ® machine. Each cup reveals a universe of flavors such as black currant and clove. A hint of Robusta adds notes of caramel and dark chocolate. Perfect as a ristretto.

A wonderful Dallmayr Capsa coffee. Enjoyment that you can experience every day.

Dallmayr Capsa coffee capsules guarantee fresh coffee enjoyment.

It doesn't always have to be an original Nespresso® coffee capsule. Dallmayr Capsa produces perfectly matched coffee capsules. Try it!

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